Startling Line Run powered by Nike Running | Photos & Review

Startling Line Run powered by Nike Running | Photos & Review

More than 300 runners boarded busses in Newton bound for Hopkinton on Saturday, March 19th. They were greeted with gloomy and damp weather - quite perfect for running actually. The low clouds and fog only added to the aura and mystique of the Starting Line. Here's a snippet of what Coach Dan had to say from on top of the van after some standard startling line hype: 

"It's a little chilly and wet this morning. It reminds of 2018 when Des Linden decided not warm up in contrast to the other athletes. She went off plan and just let it unfold - for the win.

This is where Shalane lined up in 2014 ready to run 2:22 because that's what it always took to win Boston. She ran exactly that, 2:22:02 to be exact, she didn't get the win that day (that would come late in New York) but she set the American record on this course and ran the fastest time of her life to that point.

This is where Rick and Dick Hoyt started every year. Redefining ability. This is where everybody starts. We all have something to prove. The marathon is a test of your ability to execute, to manage challenges, energy, and your own physicality.

On April 18th, how will you redefine your ability? How will you go off script and accomplish a life dream? What are you going to do to make sure you have the race of your life? I have a suggestion, let's practice today.

So again, look around this is the start of the Boston Marathon. Get comfortable. This is YOUR starting line. Learn something today. Execute your plan and have a blast!"

Special thanks to Nike Running for making this event possible and thank you Maurten for fueling the runners on the course. 

Here are the photos from the run by Fidelis Teixeira