Support Ukraine | Solidarity Run

Support Ukraine | Solidarity Run

Our hearts are heavy with the suffering of people in Ukraine precipitated by Russia's attack. Everywhere there is armed conflict & war, there are people who live there, unwitting participants whose lives are lost or changed forever, people who bear the heaviest consequences of decisions made elsewhere. Through social media, we've watched as world class Ukrainian athletes who normally train and soar on the world stage pivot to organizing and mobilizing critical response. (Maryna, pictured above, & Yuliia).

This Thursday, 3/10/2022, our Signature Speed sessions will integrate a moment of silence in solidarity with Ukrainians and give people the opportunity to donate on-site. Rather than select a specific avenue for you, we're suggesting a donation (the same amount of a new pair of trainers is a starting point) to organizations listed on Razom for Ukraine. Wear blue and yellow or carry a flag if you'd like. 

In Chicago, Ukranian Heartbreak community member, Stan Sytnyk, will say a few words. He is specifically supporting these orgs:

SUPPORT HOSPITALS IN UKRAINE (USA based - Support Hospitals in Ukraine' is committed to support Ukrainian hospitals with much needed modern medical equipment and supplies shipped from the United States of America)

SUNFLOWER OF PEACE (USA based - Prepare first aid medical tactical backpacks for paramedics and doctors on the front lines)

VOICES OF THE CHILDREN (Ukraine based - Provide psychological support to children who have witnessed war)

In Boston, coaches will organize a moment of silence and offer an opportunity for an individual to speak.