The Business of Heartbreak Running Through the Crisis | Footwear News

The Business of Heartbreak Running Through the Crisis | Footwear News

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I caught up with Peter Verry of Footwear News last week to chat about running the business in the current mess. 3 additional points on the subject:

1) Before we started Heartbreak, I was advised by some not to have a business partner. "It would ruin a friendship... It never goes well..." I can see how that would make sense if you share exactly the same skills but that's not what my co-founder, Justin Burdon, and I have. Our skills are vastly different but our passion for competition and this business are shared. I can't imagine having to weigh difficult decisions alone, being the only one for whom the consequences are always greatest.

2) We opened at the bottom of the last financial crisis. We're certainly not "used to this" but having to manage the business through many challenges certainly helps us feel steady through this one. 

3) I'm grateful for two things: my business partner, Justin, for keeping so much afloat and the community around the stores. If it wasn't for people understanding how important they are to this business, we wouldn't be here. People have shown up for us in the digital space and we're so grateful. 

Check out the interview with Peter here.

- DF

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