VIDEO: Saysky Founder Lars Pedersen

VIDEO: Saysky Founder Lars Pedersen

I have an affinity for brands with creativity and an edge. When I discovered Saysky, there was nothing even reasonably close to it on the market. It had (and still has) style, strong street vibes, quality fabrics, and a fresh perspective for running. High energy fun and an F-you attitude are baked into the brand. For me, as a surf/skate industry veteran in my other life, it feels like a breath of fresh air in a running world where preppy Ivy League style qualifies as new and cool. Saysky graphics are bold with glocks made of flowers (an early one since retired), phrases like "smoke track not crack", "unbounded running camaraderie", "look up Saysky" (a helpful tutorial if you've been pronouncing it wrong), and a favorite of the ladies “you got chicked”. When I met Lars Pedersen, the brand's founder, it all made more sense. Lars spent decades in the surf industry as athlete (a professional windsurfer), he's from a hub of urban cool (Copenhagen), and he honed his graphic design skills as a side hustle during his windsurf days. 

He was a pro racer hence his love of Ironman Triathlon (5x) and marathons (15+) but he can still fly when wants to. 

The brand is a favorite among Heartbreak's loyal customers including Tik-Tok star @elderlygaydancing (aka Cory G) shared here via @heartbreakrunco's Instagram: 



Heartbreak is the first store in the US to carry the brand. In 2017, Lars and I collaborated on a singlet (Heartbreak's first brand collab ever). I sat down with Lars a couple of weeks give you Saysky's vision in the words of the person who created it. Enjoy. Shop the collection here. - DF

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