WATCH: Galen Rupp Interview with Dan Fitzgerald

WATCH: Galen Rupp Interview with Dan Fitzgerald

Galen Rupp is the fastest distance runner ever born in North America. He boasts a marathon PR of 2:06:07. He's won the Bank of America Chicago Marathon (2017), he placed 2nd in Boston (2017), he earned a bronze medal in the Rio Olympic Marathon (after placing 5th in the 10K on the track at the same games), he won a silver medal in the 10K in London in the 2012 Olympic Games. He won every single USATF 10K Championship from 2009-2016. It's hard to summarize his accomplishments as a list because that's not even half of them. In talking to him, it's clear that he's obsessed with and driven by winning the biggest races in the world and, every day brings a lesson or something to practice to that end. Inspired by Bob Kennedy, his entire career is focused squarely on bringing American distance running to the top of the world. He wants medals and championships and he's not done chasing them. Watch this 45 minute interview with Galen Rupp hosted by Dan Fitzgerald. Special thanks to Nike Running & Nike Chicago for making this happen in celebration of Chicago's Marathon weekend.


  • Jay

    Rupp’s 2:09 in Atlanta was amazing. The course was hilly and difficult. The weather was bad. He made it look like a tempo run. Rupp has 2:03 in him for sure. He also can go under 59:30 for the half. He just does not race enough these days. And the shoes……..the shoes have improved. Records will fall for Rupp. He is 34 but ABDI is like 43 and still crushing it. Age ain’t no thing.

  • Dan F

    I don’t think the “fastest” thing is that controversial. I cast my guests in the brightest light possible. If I interviewed Ryan I’d say “fastest marathon time ever run by an American”, if I interviewed Khalid I’d say “fastest American Marathoner of all time”. It’s casting the person with whom I’m sitting in most favorable light. It’s just about making them excited to be there – not disparaging anyone else. If I were interviewing you, maybe you’d be the fastest person on your street that day or a former Turkey Trot or “the best athlete to ever comment on our blog”. Certainly open to interpretation but no disrespect to the accomplishments of other legends intended.

  • Mark Summers

    It also has to do with the course and the conditions of the day. Hall’s 2:04 was incredible, and if I were him i would count that as my PR. However, it was run on a net-downhill, point to point Boston course with a major tailwind, so for record purposes, it is not counted.

    This is purely conjecture, but I think Rupp at his peak could beat Hall at his peak

  • AB

    Hall ran 2:04 at Boston on a wind aided day where all the top performances were well beyond the norm of the time. Because it’s a point to point course, Boston isn’t eligible for record purposes. That’s why Hall isn’t the American holder, Khannouchi is.

    Now Khannouchi’s 2:05 makes him the fastest American marathoner but I guess when you take into account Galen’s other accomplishments (and the fact that Khannouchi was a naturalized citizen – something that always seems to draw attention away from accomplishments), one could probably say Galen is the fastest distance runner ever born in America (despite not having the fastest 5000, half-marathon, and marathon)

  • Josh

    It says “fastest distance runner” NOT “fastest marathoner”. There could be a number of ways to determine that.

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