What the hell is a live audio guided speed run?

What the hell is a live audio guided speed run?

What the hell is a live audio guided Speed Run? Great question! We created a fusion of our outdoor speed runs & our studio classes delivered FOR FREE & LIVE right to your run wherever you are. This is our way to keep the community connected and excited to go fast. Let high level coaching & pacer energy power up your Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Why do it LIVE? Live energy means that you know other runners are right there with you living it out, sweating it out, feeling the pain, and powering through. For me, the coach, it's a wild 1 hour command and control experience visually (and silently) communicating with pacers, providing context and purpose for the runners throughout, DJing the session in the moment, keeping time, and making sure it's all fun and cohesive. From the runner's perspective it looks like this:

1) Register at speedrun.splashthat.com before 7AM day of the workout (do it earlier if you can, space is limited)
2) You'll get the link by 7:20AM (10 min before the meeting opens). You'll be let in at 7:30AM. You'll hear runners bantering for a few minutes.
3) Coach kick off begins at 7:34AM
4) I'll talk about the purpose, origin, and execution of the workout.
5) 8 min easy warm up jog begins and the soundtrack kicks off
6) I talk you through some quick active stretches
7) We do two short strides
8) Final head check, psych up, and workout begins (13 min from start of warm up jog)
9) We time and guide every interval. Pacers lead the intervals, I talk through the recovery.
10) We jog an 8 min cool down. I play the closing song and unmute everyone. People will turn on their cameras if they're on the zoom app, you can say hey, and we'll see ya next time!

TL;DR? Try this version: sign up, call in (or use the Zoom app), put your phone in your pocket, and go. Expect it to take an hour.

I guarantee you'll work harder, the time will fly by, and you won't have to muster any of it alone - we're right there with you! Don't believe me? I guarantee it. I'll even personally refund you the zero dollars you spent on the session. But seriously, come run with us! Heartbreaker members have the added benefit of access to the audio recording of class to do at their convenience. This is benefit for Heartbreaker members only. Curious? Here's a taste (works well playing from the google drive app). - Coach Dan

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