Hot Remix out of Chicago | You're gonna sing this song all day

Hot Remix out of Chicago | You're gonna sing this song all day

Chicago has a strong claim to the most culturally significant city of this century in terms of who rose to greatness from the Second City: Obama, Oprah, Jordan, Kanye, Virgil, Peter Sagal, Ira Glass. I know some of these people have moved: Ira to NYC, Jordan to who-knows-where (but you can buy his Chicago area house here). These greats came up in Chicago. Some are native sons & daughters while others came from far to make their mark on the world from the heart of the USA.

In a time when Remix to Ignition has been muted (IYKYK, just don't listen), the people have been waiting for another artist to rise with a great remix to a song that people weren't really asking to be remixed. Or, are all songs waiting to be remixed? I can't remember. I'm too old and not cool now.

Lucas Larson, the most talented remixer this side of remixers who will not be named, has filled the void. In between bumping and grinding with your packages (that didn't come out right) he came up with this fire jam. Born in CO but ascendent in Chicago as the leader of all Heartbreak business there, this talented coach & leader will tickle your ears & lock your brain on repeat.

Lucas Larson - The Remix To Your Shipping Department (watch & listen here).

Tour to be announced once gatherings of 10,000 or more are approved. Stay safe & be sure to shoot @luclarson a note of thanks for the love of your package. Join Luc and the team here to make your run more fun. 

Editor's note: Lucas may be more Milli Vanilli than Bomb Squad - all credit to mix master @realfasttrack

- DF