Hello new Heartbreakers!

Thank you so much for joining the team! Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Run with heart!
Love, Heartbreaker Team


I) Connect: #Heartbreakersrun everywhere! That’s our official hashtag. The team’s official Instagram account is @heartbreakersrun. Tag us in your runs or when you’re wearing Heartbreaker gear to help us tell your story! Also, reach out to your team members in the private Forum to plan race travel, race sign ups, promote discussion and share support.

II) Train: Coaching questions? You can submit training and racing questions via the Forum and our Chief Heartbreaker will get you an answer in his weekly Q&A video.

III) Access: The Training Portal and Heartbreaker Forum have all of our latest info! Visit the Training Portal for access to video treadmill workouts, instructional videos, audio-guided runs, training plans, and much, much more!

IV) Wear: Heartbreaker gear! Rock your Heartbreaker gear during training runs and at your next race. See another Heartbreaker, don't forget to flash the heartbreak sign in passing! Also, remember to sign-in when you visit www.heartbreak.run for 10% discount and free shipping on ALL purchases.

V) Grow: Tell your friends about us! The Heartbreakers are for every runner, anywhere! The Remote membership is designed for members who wish to be Heartbreakers from anywhere in the country!

VI) Logistics: For any questions that can't be answered in the Forum or during Coach Live Q&A, feel free to reach out to info@heartbreak.run.

Love always - Heartbreaker Team