Hello new Heartbreakers!

Thank you so much for joining the team! Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Run with heart!
Love, Heartbreaker Team


I) Connect: #Heartbreakersrun everywhere! That’s our official hashtag. The team’s official Instagram account is @heartbreakersrun. Tag us in your runs or when you’re wearing Heartbreaker gear to help us tell your story! Also, reach out to your team members in the private Facebook group to plan race travel, race sign ups, promote discussion, talk smack, share support, etc: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theheartbreakersrun/ Up to the second news is delivered in Facebook group so don't miss this key delivery point for the latest info!

II) Train: Coaching questions? We've got answers! Chief Heartbreaker is here to answer all your questions in a weekly Facebook live session. You can submit questions via on the FB page when Coach Dan posts his weekly Q&A.

III) Access: Coaching documents and assets where and when you need them! The Heartbreaker Virtual Training Center will give you access to video treadmill workouts, instructional videos, training plans, exclusive gear (10% off and free shipping always), race specific (Boston, Chicago, NY) distribution lists and guidance, Heartbreaker highlights and much, much more! To access, please go to: https://www.heartbreakersrun.com/ and click Sign-Up. We’ll approve your access ASAP.

IV) Wear: Heartbreaker gear! If you’ve signed up for the annual membership ($100 or $160), you get our current Heartbreaker team singlet as part of your membership. Please send an e-mail to info@heartbreakhillrunningcompany.com with your gender/size and address. We’ll mail your singlet ASAP. If you’ve signed up for the monthly membership ($10, $15 or $20 options), you can still purchase a team singlet from the Heartbreaker Virtual Training Center.

V) Tell: We want your story! Every weekend we request your stories in the Facebook group and, from there, Captain Conor compiles them to send out in the newsletter. Good or bad, the people want to hear your story! If you get it in early enough, it’ll make the newsletter!

VI) Grow: Tell your friends about us! The Heartbreakers are for every runner, anywhere! The Remote membership is designed for members who wish to be Heartbreakers from anywhere in the country!

VII) Logistics: For any questions regarding membership changes, virtual training center access, Facebook access, credit card changes, or cancellations, please send an email to info@heartbreakhillrunningcompany.com and we’ll answer ASAP. See (II) for coaching questions.

Love always - Heartbreaker Team