Olguine Augustin | Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak

Olguine Augustin | Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak

For our "Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak" campaign, we asked athletes and community members to share what the concept means to them. Olguine Augustin is a Heartbreaker, Trailblazher, & Boston Qualifier. Here's her take:

HB: What does "Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak" mean to you?

OA: To me, it means behind every PR there’s a heartbreak segment. You run hard trying to achieve a goal and you know at some point throughout the run the heartbreak will come, and you're willing to risk everything in the moment to get it.

Do you have an example in running or life that you'd like to share?

When I found out I was pregnant, I was training for the Chicago marathon. Training was different and slower but nothing else changed my training plan. Race day came around, 16 weeks pregnant. I ran and I did what I could. After I gave birth, I was solely focusing on that baby like every other mom. Taking care of a baby is hard work and can take a toll on your overall well-being. A few months later, I decided I’d train for the Chicago marathon again. I wanted to do something that makes me feel good and to help me with postpartum stress. I was nervously waiting on the starting line the day of the marathon, video calling a 7 month old several times as if he’d care at all. It was his 7 month birthday. Just hearing his giggles was enough encouragement. I knew I had good training but was completely amazed that I was able to BQ. I wore a shirt with his name on it to honor him for the marathon. The people & things that matter to you in life go hand in hand.

How would you describe your relationship with running?

I’d describe my relationship with running as a “hot date”. I don’t want to miss out on it. Whether it’s morning or evening, it serves its purpose. It sets the tone for my day off  or perks me up after a long day of work. You could say it’s my “happy dose”.

When did you start running and why?

I started running as a stress reliever. When I realized I liked it, I joined a charity group running for (leukemia and lymphoma- team in training), whose ad I read on the train. I raised funds for the charity and ran my first race with them. I went off on my own soon after to explore more what running had to offer. I really fell in love with the sport. I got some advice from experienced runners about all the DO’s & DONT’s and recommendations of races to run.

Who keeps you running?

If we’re talking about a person, that is unquestionably Margo Feeney who I met through running several years ago. She’s one of a few people I can put on the miles with and let loose when it’s called for it.
When it comes to community, I have the utmost respect for the running communities that I’m lucky to be part of: The Heartbreakers, Pioneer Run Crew, UNMD Run Crew and the TrailblazHers. Every single one of them touches my life in a special way as a runner, a woman, my overall persona.


What do you love about running?

Besides the overall physical and mental benefits running offers, it is a simple sport and an awesome therapy. It gives me dietary discipline and is a relatively inexpensive sport.

What was your favorite item you wore and why?

My favorite item was the shorts. For longer distance running, I like the side pockets because they can hold gel packs.

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