Nike Sport Research Lab Form

Improve Every Move

NSRL Newton

NSRL at Heartbreak Newton is by appointment only.
Book a time slot at the link below.

Find Your Form - Newton

NSRL Chicago

NSRL at Heartbreak Chicago is by appointment Wednesdays and Sundays, and open for walk-in's during store hours all other days. Book a time slot at the link below. Appointments are not available for walk-in days.

Find Your Form - Chicago

How it Works


Run for two minutes while
motion-capture technology
scans your running form.


Receive a personalized
profile of your unique
running form with tips and
suggestions to help you move


Try the recommendations to
improve your run and protect
your body.

Who is NSRL Form for?

For every athlete*, from beginner runners to elite marathoners and everyone in-between. We think running should be enjoyable and make you feel empowered. NSRL Form gives you the tools and resources designed specifically for you so that you can improve how you move.


What is NSRL Form?
NSRL Form, engineered for the everyday athlete*, takes a service historically only available to elite athletes and democratizes it for athletes of all levels. During the experience, over 150 data points are captured via cameras while you run. Athletes then receive a personalized profile on their unique running form to learn how to improve how they move. You’ll receive recommendations on what exercise and footwear solutions are best for you.

Who is NSRL Form for?
NSRL Form is for all athletes* from beginner runners to elite marathoners and everyone in-between.

How long is the service experience?
The entire service will take roughly 15 minutes. You will run on a treadmill for 2 minutes at a self-selected pace, followed by a 10-minute consultation.

Where can I sign up?
Book your NSRL Form appointment at Heartbreak Newton. NSRL Form at Heartbreak Chicago is available for walk-in's during regular store hours.

What do I need to participate?
Wear clothes that you would be comfortable running in
for a short time and your go-to running shoes. Bring your phone if you’d like to snap any photos
or videos to share on social media. #NSRL

Do you have a place to change or store my belongings?
There is private changing area and cubbies are available to store belongings.

Can I share my experience on social media?
Yes! Share your experience with the hashtag #NSRL