Abeo Powder | Tempo Next% Review

Abeo Powder | Tempo Next% Review

4 Heartbreakers were given early access to the new Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% and we asked them to give us their feedback. Here's what Heartbreaker Captain and Trailblazhers Run Co founder Abeo Powder had to say:

The flex with the Tempo Next% is REEEAL. Since upgrading to these gems, I’ve been able to go the distance on these Saturday long runs and feel incredibly supported doing it. The bounce and cushioning is a spectacular duo for speed, and the shoe’s versatility is even more magical. Although I have the option to flex these babies on my next Target run, I’m most looking forward to wearing them on race day for my virtual NYC Marathon. [Photos by Jason Williams]

** UPDATE: This piece was written a week ago. Abeo ran her Virtual NYC Marathon in Boston in the shoe and nailed a massive PR running 3:44 for her first marathon under 4 hours. Follow her journey here. [Virtual NYC action shot from @trailblazhersrunco]

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