Coach Dan's Weekly Kick-off Message | Boston 2023 Training

Coach Dan's Weekly Kick-off Message | Boston 2023 Training


Every week, Heartbreak hosts runners in-person in Boston & Chicago for Boston Marathon training. Not everyone can make the sessions though. In order, to reach our Heartbreakers and charity partners training all over the world, Coach Dan sends out a Friday intention setting message ahead of the long runs. We'll share them here each week. Want to train for Boston with us? Learn more here.

Long Run | What to Expect

Week of 4/7/2023

Last long run before Boston! Let's celebrate how far we've come. 


Beginner route (7.62 miles): Chestnut Loop

Int/Advanced (10 miles): Firehouse

Week of 3/31/2023

This week in Boston, we're headed to the finish! We won't cross it but we'll get right there to Exeter and Boylston St. It's a continuation of Heartbreak's signature "Home Course Advantage" covering miles 0-26.15. We welcomed a special guest to the Coach Kick-off this week for additional tips on how to prepare for your best Boston. Thank you, George!

12.5 miles - Comm Ave, Right on Chestnut Hill Ave, Left on Beacon, Right on Comm Ave, Right on Hereford, Left on Boyloston, stop at Exeter (return same)

Week of 3/24/2023

This week is the Longest Long Run powered by Nike Running. Its our biggest run with an OUTDOOR KICK-OFF. Please dress accordingly. We'll collect extra jackets that you want to leave behind after the kick-off and bring them back in the shop so that you can wear a warm layer for Coach Dan's remarks. You can leave items as needed at the water stop. 

Watch Joanie Benoit Samuelson's take on the hills here and Dan's kick-off below.

PARKING: Please, park in the carriage lane parallel to Commonwealth Ave. Park at least 5 feet from driveways and fire hydrants. Give yourself ample time to walk to the store.

We have 4 additional bathrooms (port-o-potties). 3 water/fuel stops (5/10/15 miles). 

20 miles: Double Firehouse Route


Week of 3/17/2023

This week is the Startling Line Run powered by Nike Running and it is SOLD OUT. If there are tickets that are canceled, check the link here to see if any spots open up. Save your spot for next week's Longest Long Run powered by Nike Running on 3/25 here. I talked to Joan Benoit Samuelson about the Starting Line this week. She had some gems as always. Did you know she had never been there before she took off to win the whole thing? WATCH HERE.

BEG & INT Route: Startling line to Wellesley Free Library


Week of 3/10/2023

Register for the Boston Starting Line Run & Longest Long Run HERE.

BEG (18 miles): Out & back: Comm to left on Washington to Penacook Lane in Natick & back

INT (20 miles): Out & back Comm to left on Washington to Natick Center (Town Green) and back


Week of 3/3/2023

Register for the Boston Starting Line Run & Longest Long Run HERE.

Foul weather routes in effect. Carriage lane up-and-backs

BEG (9.69): Store--> Firehouse--> Dunkin --> Lowell St. --> Store

INT (12.54): Store--> Firehouse--> Dunkin --> Firehouse --> Store

INT (13.88): Store--> Firehouse--> Dunkin --> Firehouse --> Top of HB --> Store

INT (15.39): Store --> Firehouse --> Dunkin --> Firehouse --> Dunkin --> Store

Week of 2/24/2023

BEG: Reverse Firehouse + Washington to Center Loop 

INT: Double Reverse Firehouse

Week of 2/17/2023

BEG: Firehouse + Center/Chestnut Loop

INT: Firehouse + Center/Chestnut Loop

Week of 2/10/2023

BEG: Firehouse loop

INT: Firehouse + Chestnut St

Week of 2/2/2023

BOSTON LONG RUN CANCELED due to weather // Chicago still on

Beg: 6 Laps of this (Center to Beacon to Walnut to Comm Loop)

INT: 7 Laps of this (Center to Beacon to Walnut to Comm Loop)


Week of 1/27/2023

BEG & INT - Firehouse + Center/Walnut Loop

Week of 1/20/2023

BEG - 8 miles - Chestnut Loop

INT - 16(A) miles - Firehouse + Center to Washington Loop

Week 6 - 1/13//2023

12 - Hunnewell Tennis Courts, Wellesley

16 - Wellesley College Athletics End

Week 5 - 1/6/2023

Newton run routes: 

10 - Wellesley Library (Our and Back)

14.2 - Weston Road (Out and Back) 

Week 4 - 12/30/2022

Week 3 - 12/23/2022

Week 2 - 12/16/2022

Week 1 - 12/9/2022