Trials of Miles & Heartbreak

Trials of Miles & Heartbreak

Watching Trials of Miles fill the void for the athletes who dream biggest inspired us to take action. At Heartbreak, supporting the sport & its community members defines who we are & what we do. We’re proud to announce a new partnership with Trials of Miles as its presenting sponsor for 2021 & so excited to support the future of racing.

Trials of Miles emerged in the pandemic with a fresh take on racing that gave every day athletes a way to compete when the world shut down. Their innovative bracket style head-to-head competition made racing COVID safe but brought back the danger of a fight and dominance over fixed city segments across the country.

With the professional track season cut short by the pandemic, Trials of Miles created opportunities for athletes at the highest level, Citius Mag stepped up to make sure we can all watch it for free through their YouTube, and Heartbreak pitched in to help push it all forward. Tune in Saturday, May 1st, for all the action at the Kansas City Qualifier.

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