Want to take the Heartbreakers’ money?

Celebrate marathon weekend racing the Heartbreakers and teams all across the world in a 26.2 mile marathon relay race. Find a team of 5 and race for a winner-takes-all pot of $5,000!

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1. The winning team will win $5000 cash from Heartbreak
2. The winning team will receive racing and training footwear from Nike
3. Three teams that complete the relay will be randomly selected to receive Nike training and racing footwear

Rules and regulations:

1. Teams of 5 (must have at least 2 female runners).
2. Each runner may only run one relay leg. This means 5 runners each run 1 time only. No doubling back!
3. Three teams that complete the relay will be randomly selected to receive Nike training and racing footwear. Selected teams will be announced during our livestream of Heartbreak's top seeded team from ~6 PM EDT to 8:30 PM EDT on April 18th. 
4. Each relay leg must cover at least one mile.
5. Teams must complete the challenge between April 17th at 12 AM EDT and April 18th 6 PM EDT. Heartbreak's top seeded team will begin the challenge starting at ~6 PM EDT which will be livestreamed on Heartbreak social channels (@heartbreakrunco).
6. Teams must track their relay as ONE continuous GPS run and upload to a public GPS site by 6 PM EDT April 18th. Uploaded data must meet requirements above, must meet or exceed 26.2 miles & must not have a net elevation decrease greater than 500 ft. Overall or Elapsed Time will be recorded as finish time (no pausing the watch) and will not be reduced from runs longer than 26.2 miles.
7. Heartbreak reserves the right to disqualify results for any reason including suspicions of cheating.


Submit your team results

Team Name Gender Split Location Time
The Heartbreakers MMFFM Boston, Massachussets 2:08:10
The Loop MMFFM Austin, Texas 2:13:33
Fleet Feet Chicago MMFFM Chicago, Illinois 2:18:40
Mill City Running Race Team MMFFM Minneapolis, Minnesota 2:22:12
Old Goat Track Club (A) FFMMM Ayer, Massachusetts 2:27:25
Team Ruckus MFMFM Boston, Massachusetts 2:27:37
Runologie Wrecking Crew MFMFM Raleigh, North Carolina 2:27:37
Lostboys MFFMM New York City, New York 2:27:58
Caitie and The Heartbreakers MFFMM Boston, Massachusetts 2:32:31
Dromo Black Horses MFFMM Mexico City, Mexico 2:36:31
LA Rebels MMMFF Los Angeles, California 2:36:35
Nike Windrunners FFFFF Chicago, Illinois 2:37:49
KRC KAMIKAZES MFFMM Los Angeles, California 2:37:55
Shoes & Brews Elite Tribe - Beer Squad MFFMM Longmont, Colorado 2:42:09
Los Gansitos MFFMM Chicago, Illinois 2:42:53
Dromo Magic MFMFM Mexico City, Mexico 2:46:02
Vancougars FFFFM Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2:46:46
Shoes and Brews 2 MFFMM Longmomt, Colorado 2:47:30
Vancouver Run Co. / Flight Crew Run Club MFFMM Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2:49:50
Cream D’Orange MFMFM México City, Mexico 2:51:08
Soggy Sock Tempo Club MFFMM Boston, Massachusetts 2:51:17
GumboFit MFMFM Chicago, Illinois 2:51:31
Team Peaked Too Early FFFMM Boston, Massachusetts 2:51:36
FF Vikings MFMFM Malta, New York 2:54:02
Old Goats Track Club B FFMMM Ayer, Massachusetts 2:56:18
STAYFŌC MFMFM Los Angeles, California 2:57:02
EAC FMFMM Boston, Massachusetts 2:57:50
Firehouse-Five FFMMM Mystic Lake, Massachusetts 2:57:54
Apple Bottoms MMMFF Boston, Massachusetts 2:58:00
Team Elmendorf ☕️ FFFFF Cambridge, Massachusetts 2:58:34
Team BAMF FMMMF Tucson, Arizona 2:59:17
Heartbreak : 2 fast 2 frozen FMFMM Cambridge, Massachusetts 2:59:38
Social Hour Run Club - bangtan soyeondan MFMFM Santa Monica, California 3:00:48
Heartbreak Chicago MFFFM Chicago, Illinois 3:06:05
West Coasters MMFFM Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 3:12:19
The 504th MFFMM New Orleans, Louisianna 3:12:45
Boogie Down Bronx Runners MFMMF The Bronx, NYC 3:13:11
The “Eh!” Team MMFFM Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 3:14:08
My little pony MMFFF Boston, Massachusetts 3:16:35
We Just Felt Like Running MFMMF Boston, Massachusetts 3:16:52
F Cancer FMMMF Brighton, Massachusetts 3:17:00
Impostor Roster FMMFM Pasadena, California 3:23:12
ABB/ABG MMFFM Santa Monica, California 3:26:27
ProVaxxers (Chi Heartbreakers #2) FFFFF Chicago, Illinois 3:26:53
Myodetox MMFFM Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 3:30:03
Last Lap Cornerstore MFFMM Chicago, Illinois 3:32:11
5 fast 5 furious MFMFM Boston, Massachusetts 3:34:15
ERASE MY PACE FMFMM Los Angeles, California 3:38:37
6 lb Watch MMFMF Boston, Massachusetts 3:39:29
Cerritos Peaches- Social Hour Run Club MFMFM Santa Monica, California 3:39:56
I got the runs MFFFF Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 3:42:55
Another KRC Team... FMMFM Los Angeles, California 3:44:46
No LARFing Matter FFMMM Cambridge, Massachusetts 3:46:05
Fearless Five FFFFF Boston, Massachusetts 3:48:24
Love Hour MFMMF Los Angeles, California 3:49:00
Vancouver Unicorns FFFFF Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 3:49:56
Heartbreak Pacer Squad FFMMM Boston, Massachusetts 3:50:51
Team IPOS FMMFM Surrey, British Columbia, Canada 4:05:26
Rhonda's Runners FFFFF Surrey, British Columbia, Canada 4:13:41
Cerverza Sprinters MFMFM Los Angeles, California/td> 4:14:39
Donut Stop Running FFMFF South Walpole, Massachusetts 4:15:23
TT MFMFM Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 4:16:02
The Runderful 401 MFFFM Providence, Rhode Island 4:19:30
Bronx Birthday Vibez FFFFF Bronx, New York 4:29:10
Prancing Ponies MFFFF Boston, Massachusetts 4:42:32
aSweatLife FFFFF Chicago, Illinois 4:57:51
Purple Parrots FFFFF Somerville, Massachusetts 5:19:17
GIRLGANGCRAZY FFFFF Los Angeles, California 5:29:52
Team Sexy Pace MMFFM Woonsocket, Rhode Island 5:34:25
Team InItForTheFreeShoes FFFFF Boston, Massachusetts 5:57:46
It’s all about that post run brekkie MFM* Wayland, Massachusetts 3:25:00