Want to take the Heartbreakers’ money?

Celebrate marathon weekend and race the Heartbreakers and teams all across the world in a 26.2 mile marathon relay race.
Find a team of 5 and race for a winners-take-all pot of $5,000!

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Our Coaches and Athlete Consultants will provide the guidance and motivation to keep you focused and get you ready.

*Rules and regulations:

1. Teams of 5 (must have at least 2 female runners).
2. Each runner may only run one relay leg. This means 5 runners each run 1 time only. No doubling back!
3. Each relay leg must cover at least one mile.
4. Teams must complete the challenge between April 17th at 6 AM EST and April 19th 6 PM EST.
5. Teams must track and upload their relay on Strava, Garmin or other public GPS site by 6 PM EST April 19th. Uploaded data must meet requirements above and must meet or exceed 26.2 miles. One email per team must be submitted to info@heartbreak.run with links to each relay member's public Strava run, runner name, runner gender, team name and location.
6. Relay must be run continuously & must not have a net elevation decrease greater than that of the Boston Marathon (~500 ft). Exception: Team Heartbreak will run on their home course, the streets of Boston, @10 PM EST April 19th which will be available via livestream.
7. Heartbreak reserves the right to disqualify results for any reason including suspicions of cheating.


Now through April 10
Register your team

April 10-13
Submit team info through THIS FORM (will also be emailed to team captains on April 10)

April 17-19
Race the relay, tracking each individual runner's segments

April 17-19
Submit your team's relay info HERE. You will need each runner's name, gender, total distance, total time and PUBLIC run loaded to Strava, Garmin or other GPS tracking site.